Today is September 29th, 2021.

The news shows Britney Spears is back to the court to deal with her conservatorship. I hope her “nightmare” will be end soon and be set free eventually.

Unlike another Britney documentary released early this year, Frame Britney, Britney VS Spears is severe and intense.
Designing your life

Problem Findings + Problem Solving = Well Designed Life

As a designer, I’m using the design thinking process to solve design problems, but can my life problem be solved by the same procedure?

The answer is absolutely YES!

Real-life problems and digital problems are no different.

We are always struggling…

Echo Yiran Xu 😃

Top Writer in Design and Book. Editor of 4 publications: TOP UX LIST; Story of Me; Let’s be happy ; Share your views! Write for us!

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